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    Dr. G’s is already well known for innovative treatments of marine fish diseases, most notably the medicated frozen fish food. The Dr. G’s Caviar line of*refrigerated medicated fish food is possibly the first of its kind with three different foods to offer fish and help them fight off the most common ailments in aquariums.

    The three different blends of the new foods include Dr. G’s Anti-Parasitic Caviar, Anti-Bacterial Caviar and De-Wormer Caviar. What each of these three new medicated fish foods treat is self explanatory but how they do is also pretty interesting.

    Rather than simply mixing food stuffs and the specific medication, blending it all together and binding it into a gel, Dr. G has put the medication*into the food. Using an osmotic process, Dr. G’s caviar are actually capelin eggs which have absorbed the medication within the egg membrane.*By getting the medication inside the capelin eggs fish who eat them can’t taste the medication as much as conventional medicated foods, are less likely to spit out the food. The result is*less medication leaching into the aquarium and more medication getting into your ailing fishes.

    Dr. G’s caviar is available in a single size for now, an 8oz (237ml) and can be purchased only through brick n mortar dealers of Dr. G’s aquarium products. [Dr. G's]

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