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    Waikiki’s newest Peppermint Angelfish is looking mighty fine after worrying us for a bit due to some mild initial aggression it was getting from its tank mates. We’re happy to know that the aggression has completely dissipated and the Peppermint Angelfish is looking full, and in the absolute pink of health. Waikiki Aquarium’s executive director, Dr. Andrew Rossiter gives us some insights on both the Peppermint Angelfish as well the their long time resident, the Abei’s Angelfish.

    Waikiki has ensured nothing but the best for all their fishes, including the new Peppermint Angelfish which received stringent quarantine, temperature acclimation and all sorts of pre-conditioning treatment before being put on display. We’re really pleased to know that efforts have paid off and the Peppermint Angelfish is looking stunningly happy and healthy in its new home. Joining this legendary specimen is another demi-god of an angelfish that has been in captivity for four years now – Centropyge abei.

    Both dwarf angels are some of the epitome of deepwater reef fish and are spectacular to boot. Waikiki did mention in the video above how the Peppermint Angelfish was collected and how it ended up in their care, as well as receiving offers up to $30,000 in price for it. Anyone still interested in forking out the price of a small car for a fish like that? In the meanwhile, enjoy the video above which could be one of the best high definition close ups of this incredible fish anywhere.
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