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8 May 2007
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The Blue Harbor Calendar has been an underground cultural motif for rare fish geeks all over the world for many years now. The iconic calendar has been printed in increasing quantities over the last few years, but until now this celebration of exotic marine fish has been mostly distributed between fishy friends in a wholly organic way.

For 2016 Blue Harbor decided to open up the floodgates, and they’ve made this year’s new calendar free to download for anyone! And it’s a good thing too because twenty sixteen is a celebration of Blue Harbor’s ‘greatest hits’ of rare reef fish, featuring some of the rarest reef fish they’ve ever gotten their hands on.

All of the species in this year’s calendar are heavy hitting reef fish like peppermint, blackspot and black angelfish, plectranthias, butterflyfish, and all species which are still demi-gods in the aquarium world. Users of the new 2016 Blue Harbor calendar can download and print each month in a separate high quality PDF file, and surely there’s some program that will allow you to post the pics up to your desktop on a monthly basis. We’re especially fond of May’s Smithi butterflyfish and April’s blue ‘Koi’ coral beauty from St. Paul’s Rock. [Blue Harbor]

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