Double Ended Quartz Metal Halide


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10 Feb 2014
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Hey all, so I as wondering if anyone here knows where I can buy these Double Ended Quartz Metal Halide 250w bulbs at a reasonable price?
Thanks in advance.
Oh and to start a debate, the 10000k or 14000k which is the best for coral growth overall??
Hi Peter,

There is a couple of the sponsors that stock them, i actually saw that Waterboy has a few in in that range at very good prices. The lower the Kelvin rating the better for growth, but the more yellow the tank appears. Normal daylight would be like 6500K. The higher the Kelvin rating the more blue the bulb. THe 14 000 would be your best bet in that it has a very nice and clean look where the 10 000K is very yellow.
Hope this help, its just in a nut shell.
Im thinking that i might just get a few more LEDs, they work out cheaper. It costs me around R700 per 50W Unit (complete) with a mix of Royal Blue and 65000 / 10000k white. It might not give me the full spectrum of the MH but maybe i sould fiddle a bit with the Temp on the LEDs. I have acuired a MH unit with 3 250W MH and 4 tubes but it looks like it would cost as much to reniew the MH and tube as it would to just add a bunch of LED units.
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