Urgent help needed Dottyback dying?

Discussion in 'Urgent Help Needed' started by bothabear, 17 Sep 2013.

  1. bothabear


    16 May 2013
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    Port Elizabeth
    Hi all

    This morning i notice my dottyback is not moving much.
    Just swims slowly along the substrate back and forth.
    Everyone else is fine in the tank.

    He ate fine and seemed fine at lights out last night.

    Please help

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  3. leslie hempel

    leslie hempel Moderator MASA Contributor

    7 May 2007
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    Gonubie East London
    at a glance his fins look a little tatterred,

    but i will need more ifo before i can offer proper input..

    when was he introcuced?
    what are your water parameters? (please provide actual values of ammonia, nitrite, nitrate.
    are there other simular species or agressive species in the system (sixline wrasse, other grammas etc..
    have you checked the LR for crabs and other predators..

    the more info the better we can help..

    in the short term try capture the injured gramma and isolate in a safe dark compartment in the sump to reduce stress... be sure the fish is nowhere near return pumps etc as it is in a weak state and will get sucked in..

    provide a piece of pVC pipe or a plumbing T piece as a hiding place...
  4. bothabear

    bothabear Thread Starter

    16 May 2013
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    Port Elizabeth
    Hi there.
    He has been in the tank since I started it over 6 month ago.
    The tank is a tl550.
    The fins look fine.
    I have 2 hermit crabs, a halloween and red legged
    The other livestock are 2 false pec clowns, one sailfin, one fox face.

    I did the water change bout a week ago.
    Sorry dont have any fancy equipment for testing water.
    just a normal test kit which shows all in line.

    There is plenty hiding spots in the rock for him.
    Sorrry I hope the info helps a bit?
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