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    With their constant drive to push the boundaries with well thought out design and innovative products such as the DIDOSY Stirrex,*DIDOSY has earned a reputation as a creative dosing pump manufacturer. Now DIDOSY continues the niche dosing specialty applications with their latest products ,the Dosing Tower Depot and the Dosing Control, both which have some really neat features up their sleeve. The DIDOSY Dosing Tower Depot might at a first glance appear to be similar to the DIDOSY Profi Tower, but there is a vital difference, the containers holding your dosing liquids are actually integrated into the unit resulting in a much more compact system.

    How you might ask? The Dosing Tower Depot uses a special “micro” peristaltic pump with a approximately a fifth the footprint, resulting in enough room to fit the dosing liquid chamber. This is obviously extremely exciting, and DIDOSY is the first to use this micro peristaltic pump system. We can’t wait to see what they’ll be able to do with the technology in the future.

    The Dosing Tower Depot comes in two different parts the “head control unit” which is basically the computer and the set of micro peristaltic dosing pumps and the “Depot” which offers four 1L chambers for your preferred liquids. The Depot has a foot print of 14 by 14 cm (5.5 by 5.5 inches) and has a height of 40cm. The head control unit easily pops into place, and offers dosing hollows for easy top off and also features four USB ports in the back for additional slave units if you so require. The head unit can be navigated with an external joystick, which we assume will be a similar experience to using a play station or a phone joystick back in the day. We’re not sure if using a joystick was exactly the right decision, but we’d have to see it in person to come to a full conclusion. A neat touch to the Dosing Tower Depot are four blue LED’s that illuminate the section in use.* Harman Kardon Soundsticks anyone?


    The Dosing Control is basically a master controller for any of your DIDOSY dosing units. If you have lets say a DIDOSY Stirrex to feed your azoox system and a Profi Tower to dose your chemicals the Dosing Control unit would be able to take care of it instead of having to programs several different units. Or if you currently only need a single (or whatever amount) dosing pump, but would like to expand your dosing system up to eight units in the future the DIDOSY Dosing Control would be able to take care of it. Pictures of the DIDOSY Dosing Control are currently lacking beside the picture below, but we’ve been told that it will future the joystick as well, but again that is something we’d have to judge in person.


    Pricing for the Dosing Tower Depot and Dosing Control are currently unknown, but we expect the Dosing Tower Depot to retail in the* $550 to $600 range and the Dosing Control to retail for around $350. Before you get upset about “high pricing” realize that innovative high quality products always come at a premium. These until are manufactured in Europe with top notch quality control, something which you won’t see with many other similar products.

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