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8 May 2007
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If the Apex aquarium controller system is a computer for the masses, and the DoS is a somewhat niche high accuracy fluid metering system, then the DoS Dual Reservoir (DDR) is a hyperniche accessory for those reefers who are fully committed to the Neptune System ecosystem. We love the concept of having dual, 2L reservoirs of two-part dosing solutions in an attractive package, working in harmony with the DoS fluid metering system and the Apex controller.

The DDR is made up of two, 2L containers with attractive fitting lids and optical level sensors to let you know when your mineral balancing chemicals have reached 20% capacity and it’s time to refill. Better yet, the DDR plugs directly into the DoS with a single, and proprietary cable with no other plug-ins or installations to perform.

However, the $199 DoS Dual Reservoir works only with the DoS, and the DoS works only with the Apex system. So if you’re a faithful Apex controller user but are using a dosing pump other than the DoS, you cannot partake in the unique monitoring abilities of the DoS Dual Reservoir. Like many Apple electronic devices and services, we can understand the effectiveness of a tightly integrated ecosystem but it’s still it’s a slight bummer that the DDR is sandboxed within a sandbox.

In regards to basic two-part chemical dosing the DDR is simply overkill but the the case could be made for such a sophisticated dosing reservoir system in other applications like liquid feeding or specialized kalkwasser dosing. So if you identify with being a “Control Freak”, especially about your aquarium, the DDR is shipping now to Neptune Systems dealers and ready to plug n play with your DoS. [Neptune Systems]
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