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    Don’s High Tech reef tank, built by Blue World Aquarium, is an*exercise*in futurism resulting in a stunningly unique marine aquarium ‘machine’. Blue World Aquariums first crossed our radar with their XBOX 360 master piece, and they’ve clearly not been sitting still since. With an electrical canopy system, touch screen, underwater webcams, remote fish feeding software, and even a dedicated web server this perhaps is one of the most polished and futuristic reefs we’ve ever come across

    The main display of Don’s High Tech Reef is a 185 gallon aquarium illuminated by what appears to be a really long Vertex Illumina. Flow within the system is provided by a closed loop and filtration is met by a Bubble King skimmer along with the use of chemical filtration. A Red Dragon pump serves as return. Blue-World-Aquariums-2.jpg

    What is probably the most interesting about Don’s High-Tech Reef is the web portal controller automatic fish feeder, which allows the user to feed the fish remotely with under water webcams and all. Yes, with underwater webcams, so the owner of this tank is not only able to feed his, but is also able to see which fish are feeding. The web portal furthermore allows the user to select between “large” and “small” pellets, so different fish can be fed at different times.

    For more info on this system and other builds by Blue World Aquariums, be sure to head over to*their website.

    design3d2.jpg 006_1.jpg

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    Now I could have a life again if I owned a Tank like this..!!!;)

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