dominos losing colour

Discussion in 'Urgent Help Needed' started by magman, 7 Nov 2009.

  1. magman


    31 Jul 2009
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    Richards Bay
    We are busy visiting other reefer friends, and they have two tanks, tapped through the same sump.
    About ten days ago they took their domino's out, and put them in the fowlr tank. The tank they are in, there is no agressive fish, it is basically non reef friendly fish, but the Dominos have become basically white with black fins, and now even the fins are going white, and the fins seem to be deteriating(as if they are being bitten). They are eating, there is a blue velvet damsel in the tank, but he does seem docile for a damsel, all the other fish are fine, except the regal in the other tank has broken out with white spot.
    Parameters are fine, is only really the domino's going white and their fins falling apart.
    please help or advise.
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  3. Tony


    23 Aug 2008
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    Honeydew, Johannesburg
    Sounds like stress to be. Are they being bullied by other fish? Are there hiding places for them?

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