Dolphin and Tang Id

i heared my looking for a dolphin aka bird wrasse gomphosus caeruleus. awsome fish leme do a search for a pic
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This is the Tang and he is really really big. Unfortunately I cannot get clear pics as they are all new to the tank and a bit skittish. Will try tomorrow. The Tang is for sale as I do not like big fish. Pm me if you are interested and make your price. You can compare the size to the rest of the stuff I have in the tank, But... it is about 250mm long and about 150mm high.

The other photo is of another fish I do not know the name of. I actually got 11 different fish but are not gonna sell the rest, hence me not mentioning their names

Please Id this fish. Iam also gonna try and upload a video on my fishtank thread about my other problem I, all of a sudden have:

That's a huge fish, maybe send millepora a PM, he works on huge tanks, maybe one his customers would take it.
hi sean id like to take both the fish ! my system is 3000l
Hey calvin I'm first in line for the Scopas - if it's too big then you can take it....
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