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7 May 2007
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Capital of India
Howdy cuzzies,

Nice to see an SA site that doesn't benefit anyone financially, but instead is dedicated to the growth of the hobby.

Well done Dean, Anthony and Alan. Good on ya lads.

Unfortunately my comments last week on a rival site made me rather unpopular there.

I am under the assumption that most folk on MASA are holding the same beliefs that i do, and therefore will hold no gripes against me.

This site addresses all my issues with other sites, and i therefore see it going from strength to strength.
Same beliefs darg!:)
Just not on the "Tunze" topic!!:lol:
Dobe lol can you stop foruming and drive up here sooner plz.. come on have a heart its not like you busy bud.
Ummm... i've got three tenders on my desk to do, all of which are 188 pages. Believe me i'm busy...
do you know how much fun it is to do tenders in the micra while the F word (fiance) is driving? come on give it a try...:pP
Its not fun to do anything in a Micra...
ok you've got a point, you do know when you upgrade her status you gonna have to upgrade the car?
I've been pestering her to let me buy her an A3, but she doesn't like it. Looks like we're getting her a VW Caddy or Merc Vito to make travelling to shows easier.
Hey EJ, welcome to MASA.
been thinking about the Caddy for the shop cause every second chemist kamakazi now has a corsa bakkie....
Alan, need to talk to you. Will give you a bell tonight.
There's an AMG version too ;) Uh, to make travelling to shows quicker...
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