Does Soft Corals Detox?

Discussion in 'Soft Corals' started by Jaco Schoeman, 22 Jan 2010.

  1. Jaco Schoeman

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    22 Dec 2008
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    Hey members

    I have been wondering about something. We all know that Leathers, musrhooms, pincushions etc close up for a few days, then they shed "skin" and then open up once more.

    Well, I have had this same behavior from my Menella Gorgonian. It closed for almost a week, and I really thought by now I lost it, but I saw this morning it had started extending it's polyps once more.

    Does the coral do a type of detox do you think?
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  3. jacquesb

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    29 May 2007
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    Cape Town
    Hi Jaco - I am not sure about "detox". What I do know, that, when they "sulk" is when they actually digest the food they have eaten, and they actually grow during this time.
    The menella gorgonian is (as far as I can remember - I might have this wrong though), similar to soft-corals....
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