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8 May 2007
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Recently the range of foods from Doc’s Eco Systems underwent an upgrade. In the past I have commented how great the product “Eco-Brew” was as a food in marine systems. Now the team have redesigned the packaging of their Eco eggs to make a product that is easy to use, readily dispensed, and rapidly consumed by the inhabitants of the tank.

If you haven’t used Eco-Eggs, they are 1-2 mm nutritionally packed spheres in a rich brine containing more than 12 vitamins and minerals, to provide all the nutrition required for growth and development essential for your fish, inverts, and corals. Previously packaged in a narrow neck squeeze tube; this has changed with the incorporation of a wide throat bottle making dispensing these nutritional pearls easy-peasy; Something you and your fish will appreciate.

Doc’s Eco Bytes is a new phytoplankton blend from Doctor Eco Systems

The Eco-Eggs are not the only redesigned product. Recently the newly labeled Eco-Bytes hit shelves. This is a deep green smorgasbord of highly nutritional, live phytoplankton strains mixed to provide a great nutritional spectrum. From the product description this blend contains a mixture of Nannochloropsis, Tetraselmus, Isochrysis, Platymonas, and Dunaliella salina. Each plankton is grown in mono-culture before mixing into the final product to provide protein (50 to 70%), carbohydrates (16% to 30%), Omega 3 (10% to 45%), EPA (4% to 30%), DHA (5%-11%), ARA (1% to 6%), vitamins and amino acids.

The mixture contains both motile and non motile phytoplankton so bottle may settle when not shaken. The Doc states that “We believe no phytoplankton is by itself perfect, so by providing a blend we get close to covering all deficiencies, that one or two phytoplankton alone would have. Thus providing the best and healthiest possibility to your marine tanks ecosystem”. The new artwork is designed to capture the essential “Alive “ essence of this pentavalent mixture. On a purely personal footnote, I have used both of these products, as well as the Eco Brew for over a year now and really like them. [Doc’s Eco]

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