Do you/we really care about the environment?

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    A thread about under see mining got me thinking about how we are as individuals. We get all excited and upset when we see people prospecting for oil, minerals etc in the sea, close to coral reefs, in the alaskan artic, etc but could care less about filling our tanks with juice to go on a collecting trip.

    We live day to day and consume all matter of materials in just living, plastic, rubber, electricity just to live the way that we want, television, hot water, microwave, washing machine, etc . yet when new operations to mine coal, oil ect start we all get up in arms and want to stop it as its destroying the world. Its starting in the 1st place to give us the consumers what we want. if we did not need the oil there would be no drilling for it. if we did not want the steel there would be no mining for it.Just living the way we do is destroying the world.

    Look at your typical reeftank you using at least 500W an hour to keep it running all for what?

    We live for today with no thought for the years to come because if we did we would need to drastically change the way we live.

    your thoughts
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    Yes we all live for today, and there are those that are more pro-active, but its in our nature, there is no diff breeding animals for food and mining for oil or metal. Its all about balance and this planet for billions of years knows how to keep it, natural disasters, famine, disease are all there to keep things in check. Present millions must die to make way for future billions, old for the new. So I put this all this in the same light and being a westernised bhuddist/taoist we must do the best we can. Yes this hobby is frowned upon by some as it causes reefs and wild animals to be depleated, but the break throughs from research will allow us in time to rectify things. So there is always neccessary evil and neccessary good, so don't take life to seriously, you won't make it out alive
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    Nice intro... What are your thoughts? Are you saying reefing is bad? Or people in general are bad?
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    In general I feel that most of the world is looking for a better way to provide these things. For example wind turbines to supply electricity have become very popular in the area where I live. Recycling of glass, paper and plastic has been a big thing here for several years. We are also producing more energy efficient furnaces, appliances, light bulbs, and insulating our homes better.
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    I guess we all start learning from and early age and are inprinted by what our parents do. We follow their patterns and make changes only when neccessary. I for instance never really took recycling seriously until they started handing out the Orange bin bags for plastics and paper. Now we sort our waste and keep Glass , Paper - plastic aside. My next step is to use the organic vegetable and other waste in an earthworm composting bin. We already grow most of our own veggies and dont use any insecticides. I would like to eventually be of the electricity grid and I guess it will take solar and wind to generate that. Fossil fuels will continue to dominate the future because the big conglomerates stand to lose too much invested in infrastructure. Have you watched the documentary "Who Killed the Electric Car" - Well GM developed this electric car with scientist thinking of it as a novelty. They only leased the car to people , including a few celebrities. The car has a waiting list of 4000 people and a 150 mile a day range on old technology. GM canned the project because no laws where passed to further their interest in the electric car. The electric car didnt need fuel filters - Oil Filters - and other sundry items that would cripple the economy of america during a reccession. Congress passed laws to subsidise bigger cars and thus the Hummer was born and the electric car canned. I would love a decent electric car like the Tesla but at a price of over a million rand - i can afford it yet. I guess we all must take small steps and teach our children to finish the rest.
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    I grow my own veg and solar heating.. Hey it counts :thumbup:

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