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8 May 2007
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The Wifi Water Sensor is an interesting and useful new device from Dlink, a company better known for making a boatload of wireless routers. This new connected device is a stand alone product for leak detection which pairs up directly with your home wifi network to let you know when water is detected on the floor.

You know the internet of things is in full swing when your home router maker is also developing and marketing a sensor made primarily for detecting water spills. Dlink’s water sensor is targeted at detecting spills from washers, water heaters, washing machines but we’re thinking that Dlink will find a huge target market with the huge and growing aquarium hobby.

All of our “creative” plumbing and sumps and reactors make us vulnerable to plenty of unwanted water on the floor. If you have an Apex controller you can get a Leak Detection Module as an add-on for $75, plus $30 for each water sensing probe and get alarms through Apex Fusion.

By comparison the Dlink Water Sensor costs just $59, it works completely wirelessly on your home network and has its own built in siren alarm. Dlink’s wireless water sensor is hardly bigger than a wall wart, a single onboard button synchs up with your home network and a 3 foot sensor cable can be placed anywhere that may be at risk of water leaks.

Water spills are not only a pain to clean up, but they can be quite costly to repair, especially when you’re talking about corrosive saltwater from our reef tanks. Sixty bucks is well worth the peace of mind that the Dlink water sensor offers, and even LFS could really stand to have a bunch of these around the store for those inevitable times that the R.O. overflows, or someone left a hose running, etc. [Dlink]

mydlink Wi-Fi Water Sensor (DCH-S160) - YouTube
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