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Discussion in 'Junk Yard' started by Zandy, 7 Aug 2013.

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  1. Zandy


    10 Oct 2012
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    I am moving shortly and dont have space for a couple of items, i will post as i discover them. 1st up i have the following:

    1 x Mirror Ball(motorised and turns around)
    1 x Spot light (for the mirror ball to function properly)
    1 x Smoke machine (plus some liquid)
    1 x Bubble machine (makes bubbles)
    2 x Speakers
    1 x Laser light - Makes 5 different coloured patterns on the floor and moves to the beat of the music
    1 x Strobe light

    I used this to do DJ work at one stage, all items in perfect working condition. Great to have set up in your garage for weekend parties as well.
    Please dont ask the make ect as i am not too sure and just too busy right now to do research. I open this as a offer item and highest bidder will win. Starting price R2500 for all.

    dj equipment.jpg


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