DIY T5HO Light

5 Feb 2020
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Howsit everyone so I've been using T5 since I started my reef tank awhile ago and the pricing of the ATI Units and Giessman Units are pretty much insane and unaffordable

People say that the ballasts are good and the reflectors are good that's why it's worth the money but I we all know how to justify our own expensive purchases

Anyway after alot of research and forum browsing supplier searching and planning I finally completed my 6x80w T5 bank comes with 3 2x80w Programed Start T5HO Ballasts so the bulbs last longer than your cheap oddysea fixtures.

Has 6 individual reflectors and the unit is powder coated Aluminum so it won't rust.

I didn't add fans to the unit yet I'll be doing that in the future since the top of the unit has slots cut into it for fan mounting on the inside and I have plenty of space to fit a powersupply inside aswell

Here's a sneak peak so long

The bulbs came out my old oddysea fixture and it darkened the end of the bulbs because that fixture has a rapid start ballast


11 Jul 2011
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Very Lakker, I agree with Mekaeel!

I see the guys at BRS have tested longevity of Geissman and ATI bulbs and they lose something like 10% of their PAR in the first 2 months, but remain fairly consistent for almost 2 years before needing changing. I remember in the old days people telling me I should never go over 1 year per bulb. They really are a cost effective option that you cannot stuff up corals with!

Great build, and neat workmanship. Well done!
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8 May 2007
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Looks good well done..
Tell us about your reflectors,?
Did you make them?
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