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    11 Dec 2010
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    Just thought I would share my auto top off idea since I'm always asking for advice on things and too new to give back, so here it is and I hope someone finds value in it.

    First of all, I have a RO (reverse osmosis) system in the house that I cut into to drive the auto-top-off system, since it is pressurized. This should work with any filtration system, as long as it is pressurized, using RO has the added advantage of being filtered. It is a simple idea that I am sure someone has used so hopefully I am not re-stating the obvious. This is running in my sump per the pic, let me know if the pic is not big enough and I can re-post a larger one. I can't think of the last time a toilet valve has failed, so I am hoping she'll be reliable over time. With that said, I added a high/low level water alarm device as added protecting against me forgetting to turn the valve on or to protect against a valve failure. One last point, I used the wire from a coat hanger to station the valve in a vertical position beside the return pump.

    Parts - picked up at the Home Depot
    1/4" T joint with a 3/8" output
    10' 3/8" tubing
    12" stainless steel braided hose to attach the shut off valve to the toilet valve
    3/8" shut off valve
    basic toilet shut off valve with built in float (see pic)

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    Westville, Durban
    Hi Clove,

    Looks good, Luckily here in SA, Marco (sponsor) supplies us small little float valves.

    Your will work fine but I would recommend replacing the Braided steel hose with something plastic or PVC, you never know what other metals could be in there.

    Another thing comes to mind, if you are using a RO unit that supplies drinking water, it probably has mineral replacement/injection filters, which is not the best for Marines.

    Thanks for sharing with us.
  4. RiaanP

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    11 Aug 2008
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    yip, no metal parts in salt water. It will corrode and cause problems down the line..

    I rather use a ATU, with RO reservoir. Not too big to take a lot of space, just being enough to run a weekend without me having to refill it. Then also if something do go wrong, it can only dump the volume in RO chamber into tank. Salinity will go down, but at least my tank will not became a freshwater system.
  5. Tremayn


    21 Mar 2010
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    yes the final stage for RO units for drinking has a remineralisation ball.. So you just have to empty that part

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