DIY Rock Good or Bad idea!

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    Looking for some feed back on DIY rock.

    My delema is as follows. I have quite a deep tank and despite having 90kg of live rock i have a problem getting height with my rock scaping. I only have a few nice large pieces of rock and the remainder are smaller pieces. i have had a long term green hair algae problem and i'm convinced that one of my main problems is excessive sediment that i struggle to remove. because the water movement between the rocks is not good enough.

    I would like to create three height levels in the tank with large gaps and platforms to place corals. I don't have the budget right now to go and throw cash at the problem and i thought the DIY route might be a cost effective option.

    what are the issues that need to be considered with DIY rock?
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    Curing time for DIY rock can be pretty lenghty. For ideas on how to build rock structures out of your existing rock, check this out: Aquascaping <br>Tricks and Tips

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