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7 Feb 2015
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Illembe, North coast KZN
Good morning people

I would like to do a diy led lighting for my 60+L tank this december. The tank dimensions are L-47 W-31 H-45.

Question is how many 3watt leds would I need?
Depending on heat sink size.
4 rows with 8 in each would be nice.
the first question you should be asking is what you plan to grow/keep in the tank, then arrange lighting around that. Much like asking to buy a car at a car dealership. Unless of course you are looking to upgrade your system at a later stage, and you run dimmers for the current LED diy magafty you attempt to make.
All equipment will be from improvedlivingpe I don't see brand names on their leds and drivers.
The leds will be:
Royal blue 450-460nm
Cool white 6500K epistar
Maybe violets also
How many degree optics would you recommend?
I use those exact LED's. Sorry to say this but i love them. I grow absolutely everything under them. Softies, lps, and sps. Nothing wrong with them if you do it right.
Communica do not carry 3W leds suitable for reefkeeping.
According to Communica they only have "Normal white 3W"

Why do I get the feeling the sales assitant was a champ......
@Dexter where did you buy from?
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led select capetown under bid or buy. they stock cree aswell.
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