DIY LED build with Reef Angel - Guru advice required, please!

18 Oct 2010
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Hi guys,

I've decided to get back to my DIY LED build that was gathering dust after I hit a few barriers to controlling of it via Arduino Uno (which I still have but am not using).

Now I'm using a Reef Angel plus and again I'm experiencing some minor hurdles! I'm not an expert in electronics and some of my challenges lie in that area of expertise, I think. I'm hoping you'll be able to spot my errors. PLEASE HELP!

I'm using:
a) 1 Meanwell ELN-60-27P driver to run 8 Cree XMLs (max. 10W at 3A) Mean Well ELN-60-27P dimmable driver - Rapid LED
b) 1 Meanwell LPC-35-700 driver, with a Meanwell LDD 700 to run 10x white 3W, 2x green 3W, and 2x UV 3W (all rated for up 700mA) [mix of cree, rapid and luxeon]
c) 1 Power supply: output 30-36v at 1 amp, with a Meanwell LDD 1000 to run 11x blue 3W LEDs (rated for up to 1A) [all Cree]

So what I want to do is use the Reef Angel to control these 3 strings of LEDs. The standard ‘daylight’ and ‘actinic’ channels are 0-10v PWM which works for string a) above. I can use the ATO port as a 0-5v PWM channel which could run b) or c) above…

My challenges are:
1) that I need to get a second 0-5v channel on the RA to run the 3rd string of LEDs – is there a way to change the Daylight/Actinic channels to make them 0-5v PWM?
2) when I connect either b) or c) above to the ATO port (I have coded this to be a PWM channel), they flicker at a very high frequency…

I would rather avoid buying the RA Dimming expansion, despite the fact that I believe this will sort out my challenges (I wonder if will it stop the flickering effect I’m getting?!!!) because that little, simple box is R3,000 from the local RA shop! Eish! The Rand-Dollar exchange doesn't help...

I also thought about buying another Meanwell driver, one that does 30-36V at 1A with 0-10v PWM to replace the 0-5v LDD driver and power supply on strings c) above… That won’t cost much more than R500, I reckon. I could then run this on the Daylight channel on the RA unit.

Your thoughts and advice will be hugely appreciated (and sorry guys for the long post, but I though other people might find this relevant/interesting).

Thanks in advance:thumbup:. I'd buy a case of :peroni: for the person who can help me get this sorted out quickly, cheaply and painlessly!!!