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8 May 2007
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Looking for the perfect gift for the Aquarium lover on your list, why not make one of these DIY kits!

Or if you are just looking for a few stocking stuffer ideas why not mix and match and pick a few items from each kit. We especially like the idea of giving Turkey basters or Frag plugs for a silly gift only reefers will understand.

Coral glue IC-gel $6 on Amazon (Hint buy more than 1!)

-Any kind of heavy duty bone cutters or diagonal cutter, try Amazon or Home Depot, price between $20-40

-Protective eye wear is a must! We found this pair at Home Depot for $15 but you could buy them anywhere

-A set of Frag plugs, try Bulk Reef Supply for a large selection from $6-$40

*For something handmade, try JesterSix Star Wars frag plugs, or Printed Reefing Solution 3D printed frag holder

This is a simple kit that can be put together with one trip to the hardware store. Best of all we found everything for under $20 before tax! It you want to go all out, and your aquarium lover has been dropping some hints, you could always buy some pvc tubing and a new pump or skimmer, and put this pluming kit to use.

Assortment of zip ties – $3.00

Teflon tape – $1.50

PVC cutters – $6.50

PVC glue – $8.50

-Assortment of coral feeders/ turkey basters You can pick up a set of these deluxe coral feeders, the different sizes are great for all different sized tanks, $20 at marine depot. Or pick up a standard turkey baster at your local grocery store and give this gift on its own for a silly little gift to your favorite reef keeper!

-coral food! You got the coral feeders now you need some food! We recommend Polyp lab reef roids $27 as a base for you coral food then try adding a few more foods with different particle sizes. You should be able to find most of these and more coral food on bulk reef supply, premium aquatics or marine depot, also check out your Local Fish Store (LFS) to see what they have in stock. Also have a look at our blog post feeding a reef tank for feeding techniques

-a good coral dip for removing flatworm, try CoralRx $18

– Now that your corals are all fed and parasite free give them an extra boost! Try Nyos Absolute Amino $30 together with Nyos Reef Nector $30, or try Prodibio Coral Vits $28. All available online at various retailers.

-Fish food is always a great gift for the fish lover on your list. Try Julien Sprungs sea veggies, or Reef nutrition Arcti-pods also check out your LFS to see what they have available or search online for fish food.

-Dont just sprinkle your food, Innovative Marine make a few different Aqua Gadgets, try their Gourmet grinder $25, or Two Little Fishes MagFeeder and Grazing Ring $20 which keeps the food in one place and avoid drifting into the overflow box

-Automatic fish feeder – give the gift of time and add an automatic fish food feeder to this gift set!
Check out the selection of Automatic feeder at Marine Depot starting at $27

-Identify all your wrasses with the complete guide to wrasses $149

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