DIY Frag Tank

7 Jul 2013
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Hey guys,

I would like to setup a frag tank as I would quite like to explore this aspect of the hobby.

I am sure a frag tank needs a heater, lighting, return flow and (possibly) wavemaker but what kind of skimmer would I need ? A normal cone skimmer, a hang-on-back filter ? what ?

Do you have an option to link the frag tank with your display?
Pity, as corals do feed on the fish waste. Now you need to feed them in a separate tank. Without overdoing it fouling up the water quality.
Where do you plan to set up the frag tank? Another room?
was thinking of setting up a seperate tank with a few fish in it - the ones that are problem fish - like my Bristle tooth tang .... what you think ?
depends on the size. Note that tangs in general needs bigger tanks.
Frag tank should be shallow, easier on the lighting requirements, where tangs would do better in 450mm and deeper water.
is it possible to incorporate a small frag tank into your sump. My sump needs a re-design so was just wondering .....
yes you can, depending on setup. I like to have a deep water level above my DSB. at least 150mm deep or even more. Perfect place for a rack made out of eggcrate, suspended above the sand on stilts to act as a frag area. Just ensure you got a good enough light above them. A dual 24W T5 would even work as the corals would not be very deep under water.
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