DIY Bubble Trap

4 Sep 2007
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any of you guys ever tried something similar/better? i'm thinking of perhaps using this & getting rid of some of the "over/under" baffles in my sump design...?

stolen from:

"Here is a picture of my DIY bubble trap.

It actually worked very well when my sump was a 20 tall under my stand.

Its a piece of 6 inch PVC, in the middle of it there is a piece of clear acrylic with a bunch of 3/8 inch holes in it. then there are slots cut around the bottom of it.

the water would fall into it and go out the bottom, the slots and plate with holes in it made the bubbles get together and pop.

The clear plastic tube is there because when I stick my arm in the main tank it causes the overflows to siphon completely and that makes a bit of a splash in the sump which splashed just a bit and made me think the sump tank was leaking (oh horrors)."


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