Discussion in 'Anything DIY Related' started by Rossreefer, 8 Sep 2016.

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    Hi All

    Wonder if anyone could shed some light on my problem.

    My Reef Oct ATU packed up, so I decided to try make a new DIY with some of the old parts and some new.

    I tried to wire the pump and float switch to a new 12V powers supply but was getting not enough power to run the unit. At first thought it was the pump, so bought a new one and same issue.

    Then I wired the new pump to the float switch and power direct to the plug, no logger 12V, now straight 220V.

    It seems to work fine, but every now and then the pump won't switch off even though float switch is coming up. Problem is its makes my sump overflow not to mention parameters ect.

    What could be the issues why the pump switched off some times but not all the time?

    What can I do, other than fork out a hefty sum for a store bought ATU?
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  3. viper357

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    4 May 2007
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    Putting 220v into a cheap float switch would scare the hell out of me, lol. I strongly urge you to get a relay in there and use 12v. Be careful. But from the sounds of it, it seems like the float switch is sticking in the on position. This happens a lot on cheaper float switches. Get yourself a better quality float switch and it should solve the issue. I also had one of those Reef Octopus top-ups and it would give me endless hassles with dumping my entire RO reservoir into my tank. :(
  4. Toolboysa

    Toolboysa Moderator

    30 Nov 2010
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    220v in your tank is going to get you killed

    Rather use the 12v to activate a relay to switch the 220v pump on
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