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    This dive footage was taken on the reef front/weather face of Holmes Reef I think. Our skipper Tim took his little point-and-shoot down diving with him and took a bit of footage for the Facebook page. Just cruising around, following the big schools of Rainbow Runners and*P.*lineatus*sweetlips and plenty of*Naso*and*Acanthurus*surgeonfish in and around them too.

    Tyson diving down the hole was just something that he does. I’ve seen footage of what was down the hole but we don’t really want to say what it was. I can say that there were razor sharp Sabre Squirrels (Sargocentron spiniferum) to deal with that made the job harder than Tyson wanted it to be!

    I guess it highlights the positions and dangers that these guys put themselves in to bring quality, iconic Australian product to the market on a regular basis. The fact that they get to swim around in one of the worlds purest environments is secondary but definitely a perk of the job.

    Being able to camp out on the ledge (at 8m where it plunges away to 1000m!) where the current creates a planktonic pressure point and observe the Anthias and Pyramids grazing at leisure is a pretty cool office to have. The flipside is them having to spend the rest of the time, salt encrusted on the boat, for a whole week, in our current windy season, shivering and wishing they were home with their significant others. Still, it beats the hell out of my office chair and airconditioning!

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