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    Hi Pet Stop customers

    2012 is history. To think that it has already been 2 years since the devastating fire that closed our doors for 5 months. Luckily we were blessed and it was possible for us to reopen our doors to you again. Most importantly WE HAVE YOUR SUPPORT AGAIN !
    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

    This newsletter 2013/01:
    1. Owners letter
    2. 1st promotion for 2013
    3. Official opening of Pet Stop Junction
    4. Marine department discounts

    1. Happy New Year - welcome to 2013!
    We have been blessed with a great 2012 and I would like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU. Without your constant emotional support especially the 1st 12 months after the fire I would not have been able to successfully reopen and get Pet Stop back to what it was before the fire.

    We have successfully opened Pet Stop Junction and I would like to invite all of you to the official launch on 2013-02-02. There are going to be great specials only on Saturday 2013-02-02 PLUS there will be a cross store promotion done in Pet Stop Junction. Make sure you visit Pet Stop Junction on Saturday and support them to qualify for the cross store promotion!

    We are sad to loos Jaques in our marine department but to compensate for that we decided to turn this into a savings opportunity for you in the form of discounts. So ask Drikus for the list when you shop @ Pet Stop.

    I have got loads of plans, discounts & promotions lined up at both shops for you guys in 2013 so look out for the following news letters throughout 2013 and grab the opportunities as they occur. One of these is the 3rd Pet Stop later in 2013 or early 2014 depending on available space located either east or South of Pretoria. Another is to use the significantly increased buying power to bring down our shelve prices on a constant basis to the point that we can do hyper store prices in all Pet Stop pet shops.

    Always hooked on pets greetings

    2. PROMOTION 01/2013
    We are happy to introduce our first promotion for 2013
    a. Due to your loyal support during 2012 we are able to start to cut prices on selected goods on a permanent basis. YES THAT MEANS FROM NOW ON, YOU WILL ALWAYS PAY LESS FOR THAT PRODUCT. 
    b. We are going to introduce discounts on an advertised basis first (PRODUCTS MARKED WITH COLOURED DOTS) and then after all that stock is sold out we will mark the new stock with the new reduced prices.
    c. So look out for the dotted products on our shelves and see the correlating advertised discount all over the shop. (the staff will have a list of the products that are discounted – so please ask them ;) )
    d. The discounts are as follow:
    i. Orange = LESS 30%
    ii. Purple = LESS 20%
    iii. Yellow = LESS 15%
    iv. Green = LESS 10%
    v. Blue = LESS 7.5%
    vi. Black = LESS 5%

    3. Pet Stop Junction official opening
    Before the fire we planned an extra shop – first of a rollout of franchizes (to test all our systems). Well now at last we are able to start it and decided on Wonderboom Junction as the best location for this venture. So what can you expect at the opening:
    a. The official opening of Pet Stop Junction will be on 2013-02-02 from 09H00 till 14H00
    b. As entertainment “Ollie die nar” will be performing
    c. Then Radio Rippel will broadcast from the shop from 09H00 till 15H00
    d. The wholesalers want to do something for you as well so Akwa, Marltons, Hagen & will all have their own tables in front of the shop with giveaways, discount vouchers and lots more for you
    e. We will have loads of in-store promotions as well – Our containers are overflowing with special stock 

    Due to the fact that we do not have a dedicated specialist at the moment we decided that till we find a competent person, we will rather give that savings through to our marine customers.
    a. This means that every item of HARDWARE in the marine department will be discounted. Starting from TODAY 2013-01-10
    b. Discounts will vary from LESS 5% (cash payments) up to LESS 20%
    c. Our staff and I are able to keep the LIVESTOCK healthy so you will find that all fish that landed from Monday last week are significantly cheaper than older stock!!
    d. We will also be selling our old CORALS(2012 stock) at less 25%

    Expect a detailed post, later next week regarding the marine discounts!!!


    Starting out 2013 with all these big discounts and promotions should help you all to afford that something extra you always wanted to buy and have some spare cash left.
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    Making space for new arrivals.... :thumbup:
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    This is great! Thanks Moolis and team!

    Will pop round soon,,, looking for a nice little media reactor!!
  5. OP
    Moolis Moolman

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    Yes making space for a major overall of the system and then .................. something amazing :tt2:

    At the moment I am busy marking down the marine products. ;)

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