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    Hi Reefers

    It is our 4 years anniversary tomorrow. Yes 4 years past since the devastating and totally destructive fire @ Pet Stop SA in 2011.

    To say THANK YOU to all our loyal customers that ensured we came out on top again afterwords, we decided to give a special to "Pet Stop SA's newsletter subscribers" only.

    So if you are on the list and receive emails, this weeks email is worth a read ;)

    If you are not on the list you can still subscribe @ with the subject: subscribe to marine newsletter

    You did not receive your email although you subscribed, then send a email to enquiring why you did not receive your precious email, and Talita will investigate immediately!

    2015 will be full of surprises like this one and the other one running at present is BUY 2 CORALS AND GET 1 FREE!!!

    Yes - it boils down to buy 3 and get the cheapest one FREE! :thumbup:

    Look out for much more spread over 2015 :whistling:

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