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15 Dec 2007
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Hi fellow hobbyists,

You are always looking for better prices or discounts
I am always looking for more customers.

SO the question is ;
How can we turn this into a WIN=WIN situation?:blush:

Well I have a few ideas - but first lets hear yours?:m116:

The first person with the best PRACTICAL IDEA and an idea that we implement, will get a Voucher and FREE DELIVERY of his purchase.;) *As long as FASTWAY deliver there

So how to enter - send me a :
  1. PM
  2. Email[/SIZE]
    [*]Whatsapp 0827825623 or

Guys think out of the box and ensure it is a win-win idea.
The top ideas will be posted here
free frag with ever colony :thumbup:bought or free delivery for full boxes ordered
Hi @pufferfish, I have noted your's ;)

Up to now I received LOADS, LOADS and LOADS of messages and the customer loyalty card system are mentioned the most.
By character I want to investigate new frontiers, Do something not done before or be the best at something especially. We are not followers, we want to be leaders. WE WANT TO BE THE FIRST OR THE BEST!
Where are the other ideas??????:banghead:

Guys think out of the box, we want something bright and new!!!:drool5:
My personal idea, is something NEW and have not been done yet. But I am hoping that you guys can think of something even BETTER!!!

There are loads of time and effort behind a project like this and therefore I would rather spend more time beforehand sifting through ideas and suggestions than realising afterwords there was something better.
It must be WIN=WIN :rofl:

PS. I will start to investigate the practicality and implementation of the customer loyalty program, as this is obviously popular.
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Hi Moolis,

I sent you mine yesterday, via whatsapp - whilst it is loyalty, I don't think you need to introduce a card system as it will cost money (hence a win-win for you) not having to spend money.

But I do believe that the loyalty programme is your best bet, encouraging more spending...

So basically just assign membership numbers and keep track of loyalty and loyalty reward points via a receipt... that way you keep your cost down but still have a pretty waxed system to track points and receipts of loyalty rewards (excel + a receipt book):thumbup:
Thank you @MrArmani777, I noticed your different approach and this is on our short-list :thumbup:

I invested in a very good POS (point of sales) system. So I know this will be possible after we get training and set up the system to adapt to our needs.
Is this the only option?
are there any other options?
How will these options impact our "brand"?
Can we run something ells in conjunction to a loyalty program?
How can we keep our "BRAND"s name in tact and still try something new?
Coming from a Marketing background, loyalty is the only way to go... but more giving back is what needs to be seen in order to hold the name in high regard, and ultimately top of mind, let me see if I can add more...;)
free tank photo shoot(after 6months) for the person that buys the most frags or highest value of frags im a set period of time ,you can have a little sales meter on the site so everyone can monitor their purchases compared to other guys , or a free tank make over (x amount that you choose to spend on where the tank needs it most) with before and after photos of the tank make over
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