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8 May 2007
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Photographer and Backscatter pro team member Jeffrey Honda has created this beautiful fluorescent video called DiscOhh Party that we just couldn’t resist sharing for this week’s edition of Fluorescent Friday. The video DiscOhh Party really lives up to its name as colorful pods go flying around the screen and the whole movies is set to lively music.

In this video Jeffrey was able to capture all sorts of colorful critters including glowing corals, a ghostly green sea spider, some feeding barnacles and so much more. Jeffrey uses a Light & Motion Nightsea Sola video lights and barrier filters to create this stunning video that literally shines a whole new light on underwater videography.

Jeffery says when he is shooting underwater fluorescent video he has a ” goal of drawing attention to the ocean with all its beauty, its life and everything it gives us” and that he wants his videos to help spark excitement about the ocean. To get the shot, Jeffery uses a Canon 7D camera and attaches a Xit 404 tripod plate and tripod legs for stability.

You can find out more about Jeffery and fluorescent photography/videography tips for begginers here.

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