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4 Jun 2016
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North-West Province
I'm brand new to reefing. Got a small nano tank(already cycled, water tested) with live rock and one new coral(a Zoanthid I got yesterday). My tank is about 3m away from a North facing window. I close the curtains everyday, but read that direct sunlight can be good if temperatures are being checked. I left it open today and see temperatures rising to 28degrees C, it's normally 25. Should I rather keep it closed? I also see tiny bubbles rising from the rocks. My coral seem to love it.
Sunlight is good, in moderation, sunlight fuels the natural reefs in the ocean so yes, your corals will love it, however, too much of it can tend to cause issues in our small closed systems. Ideally if you could shield the tank for a few hours and just give the tank a couple of hours of sunlight that would be cool.

p.s. Welcome to the forum. :)
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28 is starting to get quite warm, I wouldn't let it go above that. You'll need to keep an eye on it.

I would rather leave the curtains closed, as there will days that you will forget your curtains open for longer etc. and then the potential of over heating your tank could be an issue. Also direct sunlight can cause algae problems if your nutrients aren't in check. Oh, while we are welcoming you what about some pics of your setup.:thumbup:
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