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    The Digital Aquatics Lifeguard is a brand new*aquarium*monitoring device that aims to make it dead simple for users to remotely keep tabs on*aquarium*pH, temperature and water level. For just $219, the Digital Aquatics Lifeguard monitors all three of these parameters with all the necessary accessories included, not to mention an all-important built-in web server.

    Digital Aquatics Lifeguard connects to the web via a trouble-free ethernet cable, and simple step by step instructions will get you monitoring the trinity of aquarium details from any basic web device, including iPhone, iPad, smartphones and so on. What we particularly like about the Lifeguard is that it includes a high contrast, easy-to-read backlit LCD display so that when you are home, the Lifeguard also doubles up as a high-precision pH and temperature monitor.

    The LifeGuard from Digital Aquatics is not*an aquarium controller, and there is no indication that you will be able to do anything with it besides knowing three crucial aquarium parameters.*However, If you agree that most tank crashes occur due to either temperature swings, pH/alkalinity problems or auto-top-off malfunctions, and we do, then two hundred bucks is a pretty modest investment for the peace of mind that the Digital Aquatics Lifeguard monitor can provide. We imagine lots of aquarium maintenance and service companies will be taking the DA Lifeguard for a spin on their clients’ aquariums.

    Look for Digital Aquatics to unveil their new Lifeguard aquarium monitor at the Marine Aquarium Expo in California in a couple of weeks, at which time pre-orders of the Lifeguard will sell at the introductory price of $199.
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