RSS Digital Aquatics Lifeguard device promises next generation ‘peace of mind’

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    We’ve just learned that the Digital Aquatics Lifeguard is a new device that will be launching at the Marine Aquarium Expo in a couple of weeks. Although Digital Aquatics has been keeping quiet and laying low over the last year save for a module here and there, DA has not been resting on its laurels.*Following some internal changes to the company, Digital Aquatics has doubled down on what it sees as the future of aquarium monitoring and control which they hope will be neatly rolled up into their new Lifeguard device.

    With very little details to go on but seeing where this kind of technology is going, we expect that the Lifeguard will be well connected, feature rich, easy to set up, democratically priced and targeted at a broad audience of aquarium owners. Stay tuned as we are bound to gather more details about the Digital Aquatics Lifeguard device in advance of its launch at the end of the month.​

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