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    Digiman is back with a new tank update showing a glimpse of his exquisite collection once again. Fans of rare fish who follow Reefbuilders often should be familiar with this Singaporean reefer. With an extensive know how of deepwater rare fish, his knowledge and collection is surpassed only by few professional hobbyist. This time he shares a video of one of his tanks, showing two new deepwater additions.

    Having had a wonderful line up of legendary fish spanning multiple tank set ups, all of which viewable here,*Digiman is at it again this. This time he showcases Pseudanthias rubrolineatus as well as Cirrhilabrus claire. We have covered C. claire intensively, and now let’s focus our attention to P. rubrolineatus.

    [​IMG]P. rubrolineatus photographed in the wild.

    Do not be fooled by the appearance of this anthias. Looking very much like the common P. fasciatus, this species is found in very deep waters and commands a sky high price. P. rubrolineatus is very rare in the trade, even in Japan where all are caught from. They differ from P. fasciata by having a shorter, more sickle shaped red stripe that starts two thirds down the body length. The tail lobes also possess the filamented “fairy tail” appendages that are seen in many deepwater anthias genera such as Tosanoides and Tosana.

    This video above shows P. rubrolineatus mingling with Sacura margaritacea in the wild.

    Apart from P. rubrolineatus as well as C. claire, this particular deep water tank of Digiman’s also host a multitude of other rare and uncommon reef treasures. The video has been captioned with the name as well as locale in which the fish came from for easy viewing. Majority of the inhabitants in this tank are not found living in brightly lit coral reefs, and thus are kept in a barren live rock only setting. The lights have been turned on for filming, but they otherwise live in a dim tank with only ambient lighting.

    A smaller “nano” tank shares the water volume with the main, and hosts a Plectranthias pelicieri, a juvenile Spanish flag and a juvenile Bodianus sp. from Southern Pacific. We are absolutely loving the Plectranthias and its stoic pose throughout the video.

    The current reef scene is plague with fancy technological hoo ha that almost every tank now runs with some fancy gadget. This video is a testament of simplistic reef keeping, with only the bare essentials and the rest stripped off. No fancy corals, no state of the art equipment, but a simple and humble, fuss free tank that play home to a collection of healthy and special fishes.*A big thanks once again to Digiman for spoiling us with his updates of his collection.
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