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    22 Oct 2008
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    hi guys.
    been a bad week.
    been running this 2m tank for almost 3 years. had some fish from my old tank that was running for 4 or 5 years.
    2 weeks ago I bought a square goldie, 2 more orange goldies, 2 purple gobies, and fairy wrasse pair.
    male fairy wrasse and 1 goldie didn't last too long. didn't even find them due to lots of rock in my tank.
    last weekend I bought some frozen food from my lfs. all ocean nutrition stuff.
    have been buying this brand for a while. in this batch I noticed the polycleats pack had frozen food only in 1 half of the pack. didn't think much of it.
    I fed my fish with a mixture of frozen foods as I normally do. all the fish ate well.

    the next day :(
    royal gamma had died
    and then it continued, the square goldie , the orange goldie, my purple tang ( had for 4yrs) which first got stuck in a powehead then died, bangai cardinal, mandarine(also been with me for about 4 yrs), yellow headed jawfish, and the last of the goldies.

    but while all the fish were dying I noticed my hippo tang had a bit of white spot as well as the yellow tang and the fox face had a few.
    also my large fire clown has got what looks like discoloration on its body, which also has happened before.

    strange thing is the hippo had white spot before but not as bad but I had no losses.

    could the frozen food have triggered stress ?

    I have started herbanta treatment, with skimmer off and no uv. I checked my water and all parameters are same as always. Had water temp up to 27 degrees for 3 days.

    I run a chiller and have been since I started my first tank, so I don't have water temp changes. its stays at 25 degrees or when the chiller temp goes up to 26.5 then it cools till 25 is reached.

    spots have started falling off so I want to I am of plan to remove all the fish and leave them at the lfs, but having doubts as lfs says if any fish die they not responsible. they did say they would copper treat.also I have lots of live rock so I will need to remove most of it to catch he fish. I think lfs fish trap too big to fit in my tank unless I remove a few rocks.

    any ideas guys

    problem is the family will be away from next week for a week, so I cannt do my own bucket quarantine or set up a quarantine tank immediately.
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    22 Jul 2010
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    Best bet is to have them copper treated at the LFS if no one will be around to look after the tank and accept any loss that may occur. Always best to quarantine new fish.
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    10 Apr 2012
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    Firstly, it's almost certainly not the food. In all likelyhood you introduced a disease with the new fish. Probably something more virulent than whitespot like Brooklynella or velvet, both of which kill fast. This is the risk you take when you don't quarantine fish. Brooklynella is becoming very common in LFS systems these days because it's not killed by copper.

    Do some research on the "treatment" you are using on other forums. Lets just say I sure as hell wouldn't turn off my skimmer when my tank is in turmoil.

    And on a completely unrelated note...here is an article very much worth reading: The Skeptical Aquarist by Eric Borneman - Reefkeeping.com

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