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    The Stirrex from Digital Dosing Systems (DIDOSY) is a new dosing device for aquariums unlike anything we have seen before. The Stirrex handles automatic dosing, with built in stirring functions to keep particles in suspension and also with cooling built right in so that fresh food can maintain nutritional value over a long period of time. Can you imagine the implications for constant feeding and dosing of live and refrigerated foods for both azoox and*photosynthetic*corals as well as delicate reef species and marine fish breeding?


    Measuring in at 45cm tall (~18 inches) by 150mm (~6 inches) in diameter, the Stirrex is fully loaded to deliver the right type of nutrition to your fish and corals when you need it and how often you need it. A built in stirring mechanism*can*be outfitted with different “propellers” for different kinds of particle suspension for the 1.5 liter cooling and stirring chamber of the Stirrex. Think of using a non-destructive propeller paddle so as to not damage live feeds such as rotifers and baby brine shrimp.


    Cooling of the Stirrex chamber is handled independently by one of two options of thermoelectric chilling.*The Stirrex can be outfitted with either a single or a twin peltier cooling base for ambient temperature pulldowns of 12C and 18C (21.6F and 32.4F) respectively, the choice of which will be based on the temperature of the room in which you plan to use the Stirrex.

    An onboard controller handles all the stirring aspects of the Stirrex from *stirring frequency, duration and RPM but an external controller handles dosing frequency and volume. The Stirrex can dose anywhere from 5 to 200ml per 24 hours with up to 12 dosing*cycles*per day. The dosing pump and tubing has been specifically selected to handle large feeding particle sizes up to 4mm without damaging the foodstuffs.

    Physical buttons on the controller/stirring head of the Stirrex allows the user to program all functions as well as to access manual dosing, and to reverse the direction of the doser for cleaning the the peristaltic mechanism or to refill the Stirrex without even having to open it!

    At the moment the Stirrex is only available in Europe but the cost of all these sweet suite of features is a paltry 399€ or just about $500. We know that DIDOSY is hard at work to establish distribution in the United States but something tells us that at this price an entrepreneurial aquarium product vendor will import the Stirrex sooner than later.

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    Holy Moly now this is what our NPS corals need.....sponsors take note

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