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Discussion in 'Beginner Discussions' started by vincentputter, 28 Dec 2011.

  1. vincentputter

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    16 Nov 2011
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    Hey guy! There is some freaky $#!+ happening in my 5 liter Pico/Nano/Micro nano etc. whatever! I started the tank about 2 weeks ago and had diatoms and normal stuff. Now there are 2 things happening in my tank that I do not understand.

    1)The Diatoms (ugly brown stuff) Is only growing on the glass and I decided to leave It there to see If It will go away and It Is. It looks like a bacterium of some sort is eating away at the Diatoms from the live sand upwards and in circles on the glass. Is that how Diatoms disappear or Is It the bacteria in the live sand that is spreading.

    2)There is this weird micro bubbles forming on the live rock and the baby copepods are loving It for some reason.
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  3. ShaunSwindon


    22 Nov 2010
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    Please note firstly I am also a newbie to this hobby. I must add though that I also have seen my algae on my glass being removed in "circle" shapes. I thought it was my turbo snails but could it perhaps be worms in the sand which come out at night?

    All I can say is this hobby never allows you to get bored or stop learning sir ;)
  4. butcherman

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    7 Sep 2009
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    Kempton Park
    All part of the start up cycle.
    It should sort itself out naturally over time.

    If you wanna help it along dose some special blend;)
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