RSS Diablo 5500s DC pump ready to take over controllable needle wheel duties

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    You’ve seen CoralVue’s new line of Diablo DC-pump powered protein skimmers and the Diablo 5500s is that pump. Priced at $269, the Diablo 5500s is a controllable DC water pump which, besides its red trim, is virtually indistinguishable from the Waveline 5000 that took the reef world by storm last year.

    The 50 watt Diablo 5500s is said to draw 2400 liters of air per hour; the actual value will vary greatly depending on what skimmer the pump is used, and especially the water level eight of the skimmer and the water it sits in. Other than it is coming soon, other details on the Diablo 5500s are scant.

    CoralVue’s Diablo 5500s DC Pump is sure to be the leading model of their stable of pumps to power the forthcoming Diablo DC and Professional Open Volute skimmers, but we’d be hard pressed to get one since new and improved*more controllable Wavelines are also coming soon. [Acuaristica]
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