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    Detailed help request
    Are you experiencing any problems in your tank?
    Brief Description
    Hi guys 2 of my shrimps disapered into thin air or should I say water a week apart there is no sceleton visable and the 2 shrimps got along great (1 Boxer Shrimp and 1 Fire Shrimp) does eny one have any ideas of what might have hapend to them?
    Tank size
    900mm x 300mm x 450mm
    System Volume
    +-150 L
    How long has your tank been running?
    15 months
    What livestock do you have?
    3 Chromas
    2 Antheas
    2 Scunk Clowns
    1 Scooter blenny
    Water Parameters
    What lighting is over the tank?
    Pumps and equipment
    Other info and photo's.
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    Just about any marine fish or shrimp that dies in our tanks will pretty much disappear overnight, the hermit crabs and snails and worms will devour the carcass in a very short time.

    Shrimps are very sensitive creatures to certain parameters like salinity and do not tolerate sudden changes in parameters very well, they also require iodine in order to moult regularly, although I don't think a lack of iodine would cause them to die. They are also very sensitive to copper, ammonia and high nitrates.

    How long have you had them in the tank?

    Have you made any changes to your tank, like a big waterchange?

    You could possibly have a predator crab or shrimp, like a pistol shrimp or mantis shrimp hiding in your rockwork.

    Any chance we could get some parameters of your water? Like temp, salinity, nitrate, alkalinity etc.

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