Desperate Need Of Lr

3 Oct 2007
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East London
Hey guys....

so now, this is my first coral tank. been doing fish only for a while.

tank is nearly done, all i need to get now is the rest of my lights (2x t5 tubes) and 2x MH bulbs which will be bought at the end of this month. Cash flow has been a real problem.

skimmer will be bought next month...

I am in deperate ned of some small LR donations from anyone. my budget does not allow me to go buy loads of LR and i can only fill up the tank with LR if i was to buy in Jan.

So hoping there are some kind guys in EL that will give me some small pieces ( if they have spare)

thanks guys
dude am busy curing live rock at the moment if there is any left when the tank is up you can gladly have it, have also got some really old tank rock in with it, am sure its live as its been i a system for many many years.
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