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    The Nuvo 24 gallon desktop reef aquarium from Innovative Marine is an AIO with very special dimensions. Based on the*Nuvo 16 gallon aquarium series, the Nuvo 24 gallon is a stretched out version thereof which ends up having a lot of display area, and a lot of room for a wide range of filtration.

    The three-foot long Nuvo 24 gallon is about 12 inches wide by 13 inches tall*making*it quite the panorama of aquarium corals. The stretched out 24 gallon Desktop Nuvo has an equally enlarged filtration area which can now accomodate all manner of bells and whistles, including a variety of accessories from Innovative Marine.

    In the 36 inch span of the Nuvo 24′s filtration area you can stuff two media baskets, two (2) MiniMax media reactors (for GFO & Carbon) and the Skimmate protein skimmer with room to spare for heaters and float valves/switches. The backside filtration of the Nuvo 24 will be powered with 476 gph pump that should provide ample circulation through the various filters, and adequate water motion inside the aquarium by feeding through the two flared return nozzles.

    We think that in addition to making a neat desktop aquarium, the high ratio of filtration to display area would make quite the coral frag gallery. Nowadays most diehard coral collectors have dozens of frags of corals kicking around our various displays but what better place to store them until they grow than a bonafide coral nursery? The full potential of the Innovative Marine Desktop Nuvo 24 gallon aquarium will be realized when an official announcement is made revealing full specs, availability and pricing.
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