Designing a new Venturi Valve

7 Mar 2011
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Long Island New York USA
I designed a slightly different venturi valve for my DIY skimmer than the one I was using. My existing one used a neoprene washer inside and after many years it rotted because I use ozone. This one has a better design inside and has a smooth bore and a better method of producing small bubbles. I know it works better because as soon as I turned it on, my skimmer overflowed all over the place. It cost about a buck.

Finished venturi

These are the parts. I used a 3/4 PVC barb fitting. I use PVC because you can't effectively glue nylon. The green thing on the right I get from florists. They put cut flowers in them to keep them fresh.

I cut two of them just like in the picture and glue them together with GOOP glue (which I use for everything. Both of those pieces are cut so one is just pushed inside the other one a little bit. I also added shrink tubing to keep it rigid.

I glued the green tubes inside the barb in the same position shown with a long piece sticking out the end of the barb. The right side of the green thing fits tightly in the intake of the barb.
After the glue is dried I drilled a small hole where shown. The hole (which is the same size as that rigid air tube) must go all the way through, into the inside of the green thing just where it shows.
The small tube is cut on a 45 degree angle and glued into the hole using PVC solvent. Then Goop is applied around the tube and around the green thing where it sticks out of the barb.
The tube must sit in the center of the opening with the cut side of the tube facing away from the intake or left in this picture.
That's it.
great idea!!
they charge the earth for these little buggers
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