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    DerKroon Mechanics is a new engineering and machining venture which has decided to pour a significant amount of time and design into completely novel devices. In addition to accessories and well made calcium reactors, we are particularly taken with derKroon’s novel Biopellet Reactor, the SeaWolf digital flow diverter and the especially intriguing Lanthanum reactor.


    Based on their VAT ID number we have deduced that derKroon is based out of Spain, so perhaps this outfit is picking up where Planctonite left off, not to mention the black and white design language is reminiscent of the old Reacter V2 and Sweeper 2.0. Whatever the case, it’s great to see another machining shop follow the path of the European Avast Marine and we look forward to diving into their myriad products as we get more details about them. [DerKroon]
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