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    We cover a lot of different biopellet reactors, but these derKroon Mechanics biopellet reactors are different. Upon first glance the reactor might appear to be a phytoplankton reactor, but the unique design is actually to facilitate the movement of the biopellets with minimal power use.

    The derKroon biopellet reactor uses a unique cone shaped eductor, that they call the BPR injector, and which creates a high flow environment with no dead spots. Furthermore, what is really interesting about these reactors is the simple overflow design when used in the sump. Rather than dealing with tubing and elbows the water just flows right down the side. If used inline the reactor does have the more standard tubing design. The derKroon Biopellet reactor also uses a simple screw design rather than thumb screws so the whole thing is easy to take apart and clean.


    The derKroon mechanics biopellet reactors come in three different models BPR 3.0, BPR 4.5, BPR 7.3, which each have a volume of 3.0, 4.5 and 7.3 liters respectively. The footprints of the reactors range from 120 x 120 mm for the BPR 3.0,* up to 170 x 170 mm for the BPR 7.3.

    These biopellet reactors are unfortunately currently not yet available within the US, but current pricing in Europe is €225,00 ($295) for the BPR 3.0, €295,00 ($385)* for the BPR4., and €425,00($555) for the BPR7.3. Keep in mind that this includes tax. For more info head over to the derKroon mechanics products page.
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