RSS DerKroon FlowWolf water flow diverter takes the OceansMotions concept to 11

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    The FlowWolf from derKroon Mechanics is a digital flow diverter which functions redirect flow through its many outlets, wherever you need it. Like the OceansMotions of old, the derKroon FlowWolf has the drum, the motor and the multiple outlets pointing out in several directions but unlike the OM, the FlowWolf has a brain with which it can divert water flow all over the place.

    Primarikly aimed at closed loop assemblies, the derKroon FlowWolf comes in three versions having either two, four, or six outlets and a single inlet. The FlowWolf’s included controller can use the myriad of outlets to create up to seven pre-programmed modes including continuous, alternating, true random and opposite mode, or you can use the manual mode to adjust qualities of the water flow with the on-board adjustment knobs.


    The two-outlet FlowWofl 1/2 can handle up to 12,000 lph (~3,200gph) while the four- and six-outlet FlowWolf 1/4 and 1/6 can channel up to 14,000lph (~3,700gph). DerKroon’s FlowWolf digital water flow diverters start at 350€ (~$450) for the two outlet model but they are enjoying an introductory 25% pre-order price cut until they start shipping on April 15th bringing the FlowWolf down to 262.50€ (~$340).

    We are very excited to see some action in the segment of water diverting devices which until now had been ruled by SCWDs and dumb valves. There’s even a teaser that the FlowWolf will have a wireless control kit for mobile devices in September. There’s lot more details about the FlowWolf on the DerKroon website and we hope these will spawn a renaissance in the use and application of powerful and discrete closed loops in reef and coral tanks.

    derKroon Mechanics - floWWolf V 1/4 - Cpu Based Programmable Flow Diverter - YouTube
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