What temperature is your tank?

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  • 28 C

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18 May 2007
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Krugersdorp Gauteng
Hi, there are so many members with spectacular aquariums out there. The question is two fold.
What density? What temperature?
I was quite surprised in another context, Allan was running at 27 C.
Perhaps a poll?

Perhaps I should have said Specific Gravity.
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I've got my heater set on 27, and it stays constand during the day. At night time tho it tends to drop to about 25.5 to 26.

I've tried it a couple of weeks ago, to see what the inmates and corals will do, because apparently you get better growth at around 28, and thus far all the inhabitants seem to like the higher temp.

I won't push to 28, that's playing a bit too close to the edge (30 - all start to die).
Hiya Rod. I have my 300watt heater set to 30 degrees in my sump (only place where I have a heater) in the same compartment as my return pumps (x2) (and phosphate reactor pump/return).

My tank temperature currently stays at +-25 degrees celcius. The ambient temp in my livingroom is quite cool in Cape Town, at this stage of the year. I will most likely disconnect my heater as soon as the ambient temp starts to rise, causing a rise in my tank's temperature.

If I set my heater any lower, then the tank's temperature is lower.... I seem to have a heat loss of +-degrees celsius between the sump compartment's water, up the return pipe, and into my tank...... (also take into account the heat increase of the lights..... and the heat loss into the open top area, due to evaporation)....

My SG runs at: 1025
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im sitting between 23.5 and 24.5
Hi Rod, when you say density i assume you mean SG. Okay i run SG at 1025 and temp at 27 in winter and about 26 in summer.
1.025 @ 27.5'C ... I used to keep the temp at 26 but it would get to 29/30 in summer so I raised the temp to 27.5 so it wouldn't be too much of a shock for the system in summer.
1.026 @ 25.5 ( evenings ) to 26.5 ( mid day with MH on )

Hi I had to clear this up for my own information.

Density = Mass / Volume

Specific gravity is the density of a substance divided by the density of water. Since water has a density of 1 gram/cm3, and since all of the units cancel, specific gravity is the same number as density but without any units.
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