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    The Deltec SC 1660 is Deltec’s first protein skimmer powered with a DC pump. Deltec may have been the first to use the pinwheel protein skimming design, they are totally fine being practically last to incorporate a controllable DC pump to power their protein skimmer.

    Like with everything else that Deltec makes, the SC1660 is a beautifully crafted skimmer with the most minimalist design possible for a small footprint, internal protein skimmer. We especially like the novel way that Deltec has reduced the bubble diffuser to a simple diffuser fitting on the outlet of the needle wheel pump.

    [​IMG]The now-famous Jebao DC pump has been used in American, Canadian, German, Italian, Spanish and French made protein skimmers, many of which have claimed “custom electronics” and their own needle wheel design. We have no doubt that all the tubing and fittings are expertly fitted and finished, but it’s a little disingenuous for Deltec to promote this skimmer as “German Engineered” when the real heart of the machine is all Chinese.

    Regardless, this particular DC pump has an excellent track record at efficiency and cranking out tons of air while the electronic controls are a user favorite for making it a real breeze to dial in the protein skimmer performance. The Deltec SC 1660 is rated for tanks up to 1300 liters (285 gallons) and it carries a suggested retail price of £399 (US$597). [The Aquarium Solution]

    Deltec SC Skimmer - YouTube
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