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    The Detlec MCX300 protein skimmer has a tiny footprint to run inside small sumps, and an entry level price point so it can stay inside modest budgets. For just 119€ ($145) the Deltec MCX300 comes with an MCE 300 needle wheel pump, which is Deltec’s modified MaxiJet 1000 which is easy to replace, and even easy to upgrade to a 1200. What’s particularly neat about the MCX300 is that Deltec has implemented a unique inside out design for the waste collection cup.

    freshwater-skimmer-schuran-1.jpg Collection cup modification for freshwater use of Schuran protein skimmer

    Instead of having the waste collect on the outside of the final riser tube like a ring, the Deltec MCX300 has the cylindrical waste collection cup nested inside final riser tube, like a t00b within a t00b. An inception protein skimmer collection cup.*Interestingly enough, we’ve seen a very similar design in a protein skimmer by Schuran with a modification that fits inside the riser tube to help the the foam be fractionated in freshwater applications.

    Where this skimmer trick came from we don’t know, but we like what Deltec’s done with it. However this does mean that the height required for the installation of the MCX300 requires a little more height clearance for the servicing of the skimmate, which is totally not a problem in some of the larger AIO reef aquariums.

    The Deltec MCX300 requires a minimum of 10 inches (25cm) of water height to run properly and its needle wheel MCE300 pump consumes 12.5 watts of power while drawing 150 liters of air per hour. Deltec rates the MCX300 for use on normally stocked tanks up to 66 gallons and lightly stocked up to 84 gallons. [Deltec]

    freshwater-skimmer-schuran-2.jpg Schuran protein skimmer with collection cup modification for freshwater use

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    Learn something new every day. You now get skimmers for freshwater use.

    " protein skimmer with collection cup modification for freshwater use"
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    some koi owners use them, but there has to be some level of salts in the water AFAiK

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