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    The Deepwater Aquatic HOB protein skimmer is the most novel new hang-on skimmer we’ve seen in a while, and certainly the most notable of the year. Made by JNS of Taiwan, the Deepwater Aquatics HOB skimmer has inherited the novel diffuser plate of the ConeS series with individuals nozzles paired up to each diffuser hole to further reduce turbulence.While the Deepwater aquatics HOB skimmer has that turbulence situation handled with the novel launchpad of diffuser nozzles, the contact time is similarly improved with a novel, diagonally-split collection cup. The split level skimmer neck helps to create a gradual slope to the skimmate collection, like the effect you could expect from a conical body design.*The diagonal collection cup also helps to increase contact time by allowing the skimmate-ladden foam to rise as high as possible before being collected into the waste cup.

    We’d feel pretty comfortable using this level of skimmer for*up to a 75 gallon reef tank, it may even be suitable for hanging out on the Nuvo SR shallow tanks and other reef displays with no sump.*The new design of the JNS-built Deepwater Aquatics HOB skimmer carries a retail price of $249 although Salty Supply is currently listing it at $209 plus shipping.*[Salty Supply]
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