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    11 Jan 2012
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    Hi every body,some help or advise pls. Bought n naso tang,got home and start dripping him in for 45 min,and when I was finish I find that the water in the dripping bucket was colder then my tank water,so I put in my naso and after one day."....wite spot,lost 4 fish"....why
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    Hi Leon,
    Not sure why your water was colder than your tank, did you place the unopened bag in your sump or tank first to reach temp. equilibrium and then place the tang in the bucket and drip him. It would've been better if you quarantined the fish first, tangs are known for being susceptible to white spot, especially when stressed. Maybe you should move your question to the detailed help forum on the forums page (second tab from left on your home page). @viper357 could you please help this guy, he sounds a bit stressed, thanks for your time, Carlos.
    good luck Leon.
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